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Please provide your size information (using a number rather than the terms "small, medium, or large") and tell us what type of costume you want. We show only a small part of our extensive collection on the web site.

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Phone: 360-413-0232

Address: 6431 Rich Road SE, Olympia, WA 98501-5319


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Creative Costumes has more than 10,000 of rental quality clothing & accessories. We have one of the best selections in the Pacific Northwest. We have very few "Halloween in a Bag" costumes. We prefer to offer costumes that look like real clothing, are comfortable to wear, and they look realistic. We offer excellent options for those in plus sizes and we ensure a proper fit by providing alterations as part of our service. Our prices are reasonable – often lower than those of our competitors.

To make your first visit more productive, be sure you have some costume ideas in mind. Try to bring images from the web or out of a book so that we can see what you want. In our shop, a picture IS worth a thousand words!!!!!

If you would like to reach Denise Keegan and Creative Costumes, then call 360-413-0232, or email us and schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.

Thank You,

Denise Keegan
Owner of Creative Costumes


"Some garments displayed on this website are available on a restrictive basis only, such as educational displays and movie production. Please contact Denise Keegan for more information."


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